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1 a multiple star with 6 components; second brightest in Gemini; close to Pollux [syn: Alpha Geminorum]
2 a shaker with a perforated top for sprinkling powdered sugar [syn: caster]
3 a pivoting roller attached to the bottom of furniture or trucks or portable machines to make them movable [syn: caster]
4 a hat made of beaver fur or similar material [syn: beaver]
5 type genus of the Castoridae: beavers [syn: genus Castor]

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see Castor


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From castor "beaver"



  1. A pivoting roller attached to the bottom of furniture to allow it to be moved.
  2. A hat made from the fur of the beaver.
  3. A caster; a container with perforated cap for sprinkling (e.g. pepper-castor).


a pivoting roller
a hat
a caster



  1. beaver (aquatic mammal)



castor (genitive: castoris); , third declension
  1. A beaver.

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Latin castor, castōris



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Castor may refer to:

Historical people

Fictional people

Science and Technology

  • Castor (star), α Geminorum
  • Castor (software), a data binding framework for Java
  • Castor bean, a poisonous spurge seed
  • Castor oil, the oil of the castor bean
  • Castor angle, alignment in the vertical longitudinal plane of a motor vehicle's wheels
  • CASTOR at CERN is the acronym for CERN Advanced STORage manager, a data storage system used at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. CERN is the European Laboratory for the Research in Particle Physics.
  • CASTOR, an acronym for "Centauro And Strange Object Research," a forward CMS calorimeter
  • CASTOR is the acronym for Cask for storage and transport of radioactive material (containers used to transport highly nuclear waste)
  • Castor, the genus name of (and in many Romance languages the word for) the beaver
  • the Castor (rocket stage)
  • a variant spelling of caster, a type of wheel
  • on the Saturnian moon Janus (moon)
  • a South Devon Railway 4-4-0ST steam locomotive of the South Devon Railway Eagle class



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